AD: Join guild Klara. 1st in GW. Boss3@0930. Smurfs welcome. CLICK HERE FOR LINE CHAT!

Guild Level: Level max 10 (800 shards max TB reward)
Minimum Might Required: 120,000
Boss Level: 3
Boss Time: 21:00
Shards Requirement per day: 0
Chat app required: other
Platform: Android
Server: US
The current rank: 78
The current Might rank: 11,186,277
Currently recruiting: Yes

Guild Description:


* **Guild Server** – Android
* **Guild Name** – THE.JOKER
* **Guild Rank** – 78
* **Guild Level** – Maxed out
* **Boss Time** – B3 @ 2100, B5 @ 2130
* **Fortress Feud** – FF @ 1200 – 1300
* **Torch Battle** – Only Haul @ 2045
* **Lava & IS** – Usually after B3 but can take place anytime as long as there is someone available in group chat. Almost everyone can run independent teams for LV3 and IS1. If you find you are ready for LV4 and willing to give it a try, just contact any team lead and we can cater time to test run with you.

#Guild Requirements
* **Might** – 120,000
* **Participation** – GW 5 Full Entries + Meet individual target is a MUST else out you go. FF is highly encouraged for all to participate whenever possible.
* **Others** – We only want mature members who can blend in well with our existing team. No swearing at other members, can be from any country, no age or race discrimination because we are international.

#What we can give you
* A platform and environment for you to improve yourself in Android Castle Clash. Max TB rewards all the time. LV3 and IS1 runs all the time. LV4 provided you are ready. GW usual placing between 1st – 3rd. FF placing between 1st – 3rd. Maxed out on guild level so enjoy free minor benefits of guild chests. Only thing we expect is GW and FF contribution from individual member in return. If you think this is fair enough and clicks with your mentality, proceed to below. Cheers.

#How to Apply / Who to Contact
* Contact Line ID: Jasonandmary OR search for any leader/vice leader in game (Guild: THE.JOKER) then text them online.
* Mandatory to install WhatsApp application.