AD: Join guild Klara. 1st in GW. Boss3@0930. Smurfs welcome. CLICK HERE FOR LINE CHAT!

Guild Level: Level 5 (400 shards max TB reward)
Minimum Might Required: 15,000
Boss Level: 3
Boss Time: 16:30
Shards Requirement per day: 0
Chat app required: none
Platform: IOS
Server: US
The current rank: 10,000
The current Might rank: 10,000
Currently recruiting: Yes

Guild Description:

Just Looking for Casual Players that want to take part of a guild. Also, it doesn’t hurt if you are a Rooster Teeth or Achievement hunter fan.

**No actual Rooster Teeth members, Fan-Based Guild**

I do have Line so if you want to chat we can. just let me know.