NorthernValhalla (Temporary, Help find a good name)

AD: Join guild Klara. 1st in GW. Boss3@0930. Smurfs welcome. CLICK HERE FOR LINE CHAT!

Guild Level: Level max 10 (800 shards max TB reward)
Minimum Might Required: 70
Boss Level: 1
Boss Time: 14:30
Shards Requirement per day: 0
Chat app required: none
Platform: IOS
Server: EU
The current rank: 0
The current Might rank: 5,217
Currently recruiting: Yes

Guild Description:


I have just started a new guild.

I have been in most of Top 10 guilds – Like AlwaysHostile, HATED, bigkush and Acadianclashers.

Now its time to pass on some knowledge i have been giving from playing with the absolut elite..

But most important of all, we are going to participate in GUILDWARS every Thursday and Sunday.

I will be helping you make the right decisions for your heros, (talents, priority of leveling of heros ect. ect. and assist you in all gamemodes.

218.112 might.

i have skeletica and all other heros in game, except for demogorgon and Creation-01.

Come join!