AD: Join guild Klara. 1st in GW. Boss3@0930. Smurfs welcome. CLICK HERE FOR LINE CHAT!

Guild Level: Level max 10 (800 shards max TB reward)
Minimum Might Required: 190
Boss Level: 5
Boss Time: 21:00
Shards Requirement per day: 0
Chat app required: LINE
Platform: IOS
Server: US
The current rank: 135
The current Might rank: 99
Currently recruiting: Yes

Guild Description:

Hello all,

Aśçensiøn is accepting new members that are active and dedicated.

Guild: Aśçensiøn
Leader: Archangiel86
Vice Leaders: Paeaches2, Hammerclaw and Analgorilla

* Guild War: Varies based on matchup (Participation mandatory with all 5 attacks done and scores around or above current guild average)
*Participation in other Guild Events would be nice but not required
-Boss 3 @ 12:00, Boss 5 @ 21:00
-Fortress Feud usually 12:00
-Lava 3 & WG 3/4 daily
-Lava 4/summits as teams are formed
-Individual help available at all times

Line app, mandatory

Once you are a member, you will be invited to join the Guild Group Chat on Line. There you will have access to a wealth of information regarding the different game modes, Talents and crest combos etc. as well as access to the photo album which shows different Base Layouts for HBM, GW and WG and Lava.

How to Join:
Contact yan3ssad via Line ID or apply in game.