AD: Join guild Klara. 1st in GW. Boss3@0930. Smurfs welcome. CLICK HERE FOR LINE CHAT!

Guild Level: Level max 10 (800 shards max TB reward)
Minimum Might Required: 20,000
Boss Level: 3
Boss Time: 21:00
Shards Requirement per day: 0
Chat app required: LINE
Platform: Android
Server: US
The current rank: 0
The current Might rank: 600
Currently recruiting: Yes

Guild Description:

• Guild Rank – 610

• Guild Level – Max

• Boss Time -B3 @ 21.00, B5 @ 21.30, FF @ 20.00

•About our guild – We have recently branched away from our old guild due to inactivity. Currently rebuilding up the ranks. Seeking active players, must be able to run guild wars and Fortress Fued.
Previous winning streak of 90-0 guild wars and 25-0 Fortress Fued, we intend to beat these records.

Currently 9-0 in Gw and 2-0 FF

#Guild Requirements

•Might – Any size once your active

•Participation- Guild wars and Fortress Fued.
Torch participation is desirable

•Line App is mandatory. It is our main form of communication.

#How to Apply / Who to Contact
If you are interested or have any other questions, contact shrugs1 on line app please.