Guild wars always first! Looking for people to join FF. Contact me through VK: /florian_langenberg


We are a family having active player. The only thing we require is to be active in guild wars. We want to make a good start. Also seeking Vice-Leaders for guild. We can help in Lava/Mesa or Wg. Apply or contact us for recruitment.

NorthernValhalla (Temporary, Help find a good name)

SKELETICA, SKELETICA, SKELETICA<3 I have just started a new guild. I have been in most of Top 10 guilds – Like AlwaysHostile, HATED, bigkush and Acadianclashers. Now its time to pass on some knowledge i have been giving from playing with the absolut elite..


Stonecore is hiring now!!! Rank 324 based on might – NO DONATION REQUIERED!! Guild wars always first !! Torch always maxed. (960 shards) Max guild buildings & tresuary (Guild lvl 12). FF first most of the time. * Any might is acceptable as long


#THE.JOKER * **Guild Server** – Android * **Guild Name** – THE.JOKER * **Guild Rank** – 78 * **Guild Level** – Maxed out * **Boss Time** – B3 @ 2100, B5 @ 2130 * **Fortress Feud** – FF @ 1200 – 1300 * **Torch Battle**


Top 150 guild looking for Active, serious players only! Must do Guild Wars, Fortress fued @2000 and torch @2044. No donation requirements! Guild lvl 12 (max 960 shards) Boss 3 and 5 Lava 3 & 4 teams Contact sirmikeyp or m.cashcow through line Might


Strong guild looking for small members. Wanting to recruit members below 50k might, but will take any as long as you are an active player. We have many strong members up to 250k might who are always willing to help you progress. Just ask


Christian Guild. Join Armor_of_God Line recommend instructions given after joining. For both Christians and those seeking Him but have not made a choice.


1st place Gwars! (Occasionally may get 2nd) Looking for active GWARS players who can score well for their might. If u aren’t active for Gwars please don’t respond. It’s absolutely mandatory to play. Lava teams welcome. Lava is on a 1st come 1st serve