Recruiting members with higher might for our guild to reach top 4000 might rank so we can participate in guild wars. Interested participants can straight away apply at our guild.


Hello all, Aśçensiøn is accepting new members that are active and dedicated. Leadership: Guild: Aśçensiøn Leader: Archangiel86 Vice Leaders: Paeaches2, Hammerclaw and Analgorilla Reequipments: *MINIMUM MIGHT 190k *No DONATIONS REQUIRED * Guild War: Varies based on matchup (Participation mandatory with all 5 attacks done


Betsyswarriors. We are a laid back guild with minimal rules. 1 Guild wars is mandatory. (No score requirements, simply use all 5 attacks. 2 misses and you are gone.) 2 No religion or politics in guild/group chats. We are looking for new members or


We are a social guild but we play all events. We r a top 1500 guild. We use wegamers as chat. So iff your looking for a social guild but still be competitive. Join us on castle clash. Lava3, lava4, no donations rewuired, play


Starting fresh guild. My might is 150k I’m p2w. Recruiting active players. I will kick it you miss guild wars when we get there


• Guild Rank – 610 • Guild Level – Max • Boss Time -B3 @ 21.00, B5 @ 21.30, FF @ 20.00 •About our guild – We have recently branched away from our old guild due to inactivity. Currently rebuilding up the ranks. Seeking


Boss at 21:00 Server Time; on TB days Boss is at 20:40 Server Time, Do not Haul before 20:45


I’ve started a new guild I’ve got 72,000 might and need some loyal members and vice leaders who will help it grow. Line ID shano95 Very chill enjoy yourself if you don’t have line just contact me on castle clash.


Guild: Klara Daily T3 @ 0930 st Daily T5 @ 0900 st – VIP member of – – 1st places in Guild Wars – ○● Must have LINE chat ●○ search by LINE id: muiredne (go to Google Play, search LINE, install application. If you dont