Guild: Klara Daily T3 @ 0930 st Daily T5 @ 0900 st – VIP member of – – 1st places in Guild Wars – ○● Must have LINE chat ●○ search by LINE id: muiredne (go to Google Play, search LINE, install application. If you dont


Just Looking for Casual Players that want to take part of a guild. Also, it doesn’t hurt if you are a Rooster Teeth or Achievement hunter fan. **No actual Rooster Teeth members, Fan-Based Guild** I do have Line so if you want to chat


New guild recruiting members 1000+ might still figuring out boss time other than that join by contacting me by adding me in game, im on daily so ill be able to accept your friend request and then message me saying you wanna join send


# Orginal Gangsters  * **Guild Server** – Android  * **Guild Name** – Orginal Gangsters  * **Guild Rank** – 3200  * **Guild Level** – 10/12  * **Boss Time** – 20:00  * **First things first the name was a typo and since we have p2p members


Current objective is to reach rank 4000 to participate to GW. for this we need a few more active members.


Guild Level: Level max 10 (800 shards max TB reward) Minimum Might Required: 50,000 Boss Level: 5 Boss Time: 18:00 Shards Requirement per day: 0 Chat app required: LINE Platform: Android Server: US The current rank: 459 The current Might rank: 587 Currently recruiting:


Join the_villains if you are searching for a friendly and active guild. We usually get 1st in Guild wars and we dominate fortress feud. However, there is a lot of room to improve, as we are currently 33/75 members. Most of us are european,

Easy Targets

Please apply to Easy Targets for a friendly top 50 Guild. We only require Guild Wars while Torch runs, and bosses are optional. We use LINE to communication and it is required. Please apply or LINE -ET–Drew– for more information.


Good guild for new players and smurfs. No requirements at all. Guild wars are appreciated but not necessary. Can contact me on line ID: lmkfu . Or apply directly to guild through app. All are welcome and will be accepted until guild is full,


Our guild is trying to move up in ranking. We’re looking for members who play daily. We do boss challenge daily. We realize we all have mixed schedules so times vary daily. Our guild uses wegamers to chat. And our president has been playing