I am fairly new to game and love it. I am super active and spend small amounts every month. I am looking for a highly active group in US time zone. Contact: jclaiborne2007@gmail.com or jclaiborne2007 at linechat(new to line chat). Currently have PD,VD and


on forum very few legendary’s western usa(timezone) event participation times:10ST-19ST guild events, no donations, mesa 2, advice platform-android


Vice Leader – BIGBOSSEZ. LINE ID – Glenno86. Currently recruiting for BIGBOSSES. Lava Isle 3 – North, South, Tank. Fortress Feud Battle Strategy.


Line Id: kahusa Looking for a chilled guild. Higher leveled players but not sticklers on the competition (basically not sacking if guild events aren’t done). I work a lot and have a newborn but have spent a lot of time and money into cc


Looking for Guild, Pretty active except on weekends. prefer boss time between 8 and 16.


I play while at work and nights, every day. Contact me in game or on Line (duffmaster33)


I’m available for storm Mesa torch boss’s etc I have champion ice demon succumbus and treantaur