I’m looking for a strong competitive guild that scores high in GW and FF. I prefer 1500-2100 boss time score about 2200 in GW. Please contact me at Travis Thoe on FB or Tragon33 on line.

logan dopson

hello im logan I have an 120k might account that scores around 2200-2400 in guild wars and can do lava 3 100%, looking for a guild that has organized lava 3 teams, and places well in events. contact me on line chat@ logan dopson


Need guild. Might 70k. Boss time 09.00 10 11 12 server time.. TB.. Always on 6/7.. Id line ayongg1212. Thnkyou


contact: i would like to join a guild which do a fortress feud battle and to be able to do a boos fight as per the schedule i mentioned Thank you


Vice-leader of and currently recruiting for Death_Reaper, Line-ID “hicksmix”, I do lava 3 daily and I am active every day in line and in the game


Line: Danny9955 Boss time :1400 server time Want to join a guild who is consistent in gw and ff 35k might I can easily take this up if it’s important scored 1015 last gw


line id is raoijnu Need a guild who posts all the HBM for guild wars. want to join a guild who does well in FF too. If the guild chest is of level 5. I would be glad to be in such a guild.