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A new type of flag has been added: MOXIE. They provide a maximum of 20% DMG reduction to your heroes at LVL 5. To get this new type of flag, ask your guild leader to upgrade Magic Bureau to LVL 5 and then upgrade

Buy shards

With the new update it seems shards donations will be needed again until all the upgrades will be done… Are those shards needed? The obvious answer is YES: You need those shards to upgrade MOXIE to the max (Deployed heroes will take 20% less

Best DPS Heroes for Lava 3

DPS Comparison: Based on 7sec period, heroes get in the following number of hits: Hero Hits in 7s BT 78.75 PK 70 SM 55 GR 55 SB 55 Assumptions: 4 targets, demon shield down, no val/cupid

Top 1000 Castle Clash guilds based on donation – October 27, 2015

TheLegends – 17453779 (369175) Elite – 14506434 (53171) WhiteKnights – 14409312 (631799) Greece – 14013340 (55992) Kol – 12628225 (109213) ROMANIA – 11853879 (199184) The_Right_Stuff – 11175639 (436980) WhiteKnights.EU – 10528020 (413164) DuckOfDoom – 10289246 (160587) WhiteKnightsAU – 10004750 (96856) Targaryens! – 9586738 (136700)

Mystery Sweep Location

IGG is adding soon the sweep feature to a not yet disclosed game mode… Some say it will he HBM which will be very time saving for  all of us. Stay tuned for more info! Can you guess where? What would you prefer?

Collect the Codes

Check events page for Collect the codes event and insert these codes for 800 shards and a legendary hero card. Thanks Joy and lathic…   QFZTZ5DB ATCSHTQY Q3DQVPDZ GK9RSUG2